1.  The money that you spend going to the beach is gone forever Vs. $$ spent on your pool is yours to keep forever!

2.  Toting food & beverages to the beach and not to mention eating the sand Vs. Opening up the Refrigerator & right out the door you go ~ Not to Mention no SAND on your gums!

3.  Ocean Sea Eurchin's String Vs. Only Eurchin in my pool is an inflated one!

4.  Long Drive to the Beach Vs -  A Walk to your backyard!

5.  Ocean water has not been Sanitized Vs Pool water is constantly sanitized!

6.  Heartbreaking Signage- BEACH IS CLOSED VsOpening til Winter!

7.  Burning Tootsies in the Sand Vs A Cool  Breeze!


​    FUN FACTS! 


Design the Poolof your dreams

We believe no dream is too small or too ambitious for your backyard.


You will work one-on-one with our expert pool designer.  Our designer will learn about your vision, your backyard space, your budget, and your timeline.  Then we will create a unique plan to make your dream a reality.

3105 Shillington Rd., Sinking Spring PA 19608 US

(610) 777-9440



 SATURDAY & SUNDAY - By Appt. Only

Our success to our custom pool designs can be measured by the growth of our company.  Our team has 50 years combined of experience in business, we have steadily grown and it has been mostly through client referrals.  We treat your project as though it were for one of our own backyards.

Blue Lagoon Pools LLC.